Friday 4 October 2013

To My Daughter.... ( UBC Post 4 )

As I was thinking of what to write for the day, this idea struck me.... to write a poem for my one-and-a-half year old bundle of joy ;-) .
Just a few words that I would like to share with her !!

To My Daughter…..

I was once a naughty child, bathing in the rains
A twinkle in my eyes, mischief in my veins…..
Then a happy girl, with a smiling face,
Who never bothered to think that life is always a race.

As Nature had her way, I blossomed into a woman,
And one day left my home zone , as is the practice, common…
To join another nest, to take up my role as a wife,
Trying my best to melt, into that part of life…

A wife’s role being filled, a mom’s role expected
Drinking in the knowledge, that’s when I’ll be accepted
Societal norms guide our life, escape there is none
Get married, mother a child, a life’s battle is won !

The moment I knew I had you in me,
I could’ve danced around, in joy and glee;
But for the caution the elders placed
To hold you in my arms, my mind raced….

Those days and months you slept in my womb,
I waited in excitement, for you to bloom...
All prayers to God, for your safe arrival
Although, they say, childbirth is a trial…

The day you were born, was my re-birth as well,
Wasn’t I happy? Didn’t my heart swell?
Chubby cheeky tiny, so sweet was my child…
 I looked at you, you opened your eyes and smiled….

Days sped by at a pace so rapid, as you grew up
Soon came the days you played on your knees, as would a lovely pup…
Your days of learning to eat, sleep, walk and talk
Some of them left me tired and drained, as white as a chalk

I’ve been in love with you, ever since I felt your first kick,
I’ve been guided by the faith, you’ll be with me as a brick…
Your laughter is mine, your tears, mine, I see me in you,
A life as your mother is my greatest blessing, you’ve no clue!

A mother’s life is a sacrifice , they say, I feel that’s a common thought
Raising a child is the sweetest battle, we all seem to have fought
Sometimes we get the bouquets, many a time the brickbats
All the while, in the whole exercise, we do don the thinking hats !!

Many years later, you’ll find yourself , in my same shoes….
You’ll still have me by you, to share your doubts and woes,
You’ll be a mother, to kids, who’ll teach you the life of a mother…
That’s when dearie, you’ll understand, that life’s not really such a bother !! :-)


  1. Sreeja, what a lovely poem! the various stage you described right from childhood, passing to womanhood , from daughter to wife to mother in perfect rhyme and rhythm.Keep it up.

  2. Wow..paachu would swell in happiness when she grows up to read this ...awesome dearie

    1. yeah yeah Nammu ;) waiting for her to do that :-) Thanks a lot dearie :)

  3. Wow..paachu would swell in happiness when she grows up to read this ...awesome dearie

  4. This was so cute and emotional. I am sure, your daughter would be so happy and proud one day, when she reads this.

    1. Thank you Dhara :) Yup, waiting for her to read this :)

  5. Great poem Sreeja! Reflects a Mother's love and concern for the daughter. How happy your daughter will feel after she grows up and reads this!!

    1. Thank you, Usha Ma'm :) I should initiate her into reading by showing her this post :D

  6. Hi Sreeja,

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    Someone is Special

  7. This is so beautiful. A gift from you to your daughter which she will treasure all her life!

  8. Beautiful emotions have been evoked in your write up. I cherished every word as a woman and a future mother. It does make me realise how much we undergo when life decides to give us a bundle of joy :)


    1. Yes, Richa :) The change is almost cataclysmic, positively though ! :) You'll love it :)

  9. This is so beautiful :) Your daughter would obviously love reading this! :)


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