Monday 28 October 2013

Work hard enough !

Ok, I know the topic is a little misleading, because it sounds like a piece of advice.

But it is nothing of that sort. Just a little idea, which I thought of converting to a Septolet. This is the second one I'm posting in the span of this UBC , the first being this.

A diamond is a piece of carbon that stuck to its job long enough to get transformed, isn't it ? So here's a Septolet for the idea.

You’re a diamond,
whose shine
mesmerizes me

Nothing special
just carbon
that worked hard !


UBC 28 :-)


  1. Even a carbon if worked hard can become a diamond. Then think about Human...

  2. Spot on, Sarav :) Thanks a lot for the visit :)

  3. Wow Sreeja,I loved the last line.It says all!


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